How To Beat The Second Boss In Dante’s Inferno

Here are some tips for how defeat the second boss, named King Minos, in Dante’s Inferno:

1. King Minos’ first attack is to launch tentacles out of the ground. You can beat this by moving in random patterns, and then dodging the tentacles when they come.

2. King Minos also has a breath attack. The only way to avoid this is by grappling onto the sides of the boss room. You can tell when he’s going to do this attack when he moves backwards and sticks out his tongue (an opportunity to attack will come after this).

3. King Minos will use additional attack tactics during which he will try to crush you with his fist. All of his fist attacks are clearly telegraphed.

You could also visit this website for more information about the different bosses and their weaknesses here:


Or, you could also watch a walkthrough demonstration on how to fight against King Minos:


Image by SpeedArt1982 via Deviantart

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  • Vale: Seems like a tough boss to beat! Are there any other things to watch out for?

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