What is the cheats to mission stop time/slow time

what is the cheats to mission stop time/slow time

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For PS2
Slow Motion can be performed by
Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, R2, R1.If you enter the code correctly, a message will appear.

For PC
Slow Down Gameplay cheat is

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C&C Game PLayer

DOES NOT WORK. Attention everyone it is not easy and **** near impossible to stop or slow down the PARTICLE CANNON countdown timer on the Air-force General or the Laser General in the RTS game C&C Generals Zero Hour Challenge Mode. U can add time to the clock but some how the particle cannon will still fire up after 4 minutes. I've worked on this with a hex editor for 2 weeks and only been able to change the time to 16 minutes, but the laser for your Challenge opponent will fire anyway at 12 minutes,and every 4 minutes after that. If anyone knows how to stop the computers timer please let us all know.

8 months ago #4
Joel J Paul

But this cheat will make the entire gameplay slow
I mean even we will be slow😁

3 months ago #5
Govinda roshabh

Tell me the cheat to stop time in any mission of gta sandreas. It is very dark in night noting is seen

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