10 Steps To Fix A PS2 That Won’t Read A Disc

PS2 repair

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A PS2 that doesn’t read a disc might be due to a dirty disk or problem with the laser. In order to clean the laser follow these steps:

  1. First you should turn off the PS2 and remove any other peripherals such as memory card, remote etc. Then, turn the PS2 over so that the bottom faces up.
  2. Open the six square tabs and take the four rubber feet off of the PS2. Also remove the ten screws that are located under the tabs and feet.
  3. Remove the back cover before turning the PS2 back over. Now lift the top cover over the PS2 - be careful not to damage the ribbon that is connected to it.
  4. Remove the four screws in the loading tray lid and then lift off the black lid.
  5. Clean the console fan by spraying compressed air in order to blow out any dirt (Dirt hinders the console from reading the disc).
  6. Now plug the PS2 back in and turn it on. Eject the disc tray. Locate the circular white disc on the top corner of the console. Draw a black circular line on the disc using a marker to mark its position.
  7. Twist the white gear clockwise. Stop twisting when you hear the gear click and see it drop down slightly.
  8. Plug in a controller and insert a game or DVD into the open disc tray. Replace the black lid (that you removed earlier) on top of the tray and press down firmly. Turn the console on and hit the “X” button to attempt to load the game. If the disc doesn’t rotate, remove it and the lid, leave the tray open, and unplug the console.
  9. Twist the white gear four clicks in a clockwise direction. Try to load the disc again, and repeat this process until you can get the disc to load. When the disc starts to load leave it running for a few minutes to make sure that it continues to work.
  10. Replace the black lid once the disc is loading properly. Then put the top and back cover of the PS2 in their respective places and fix all the screws, rubber tabs and feet.

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