Are You Stuck In Zork?

Are you confused as to why you don’t ever run into a troll or robber in Zork?

Or, maybe, you can’t get get into the Low Round Room or find your way to the ladder room in the coal mine, and you can’t get into areas of the volcano...

Well, you’re not alone, this game is quite challenging!

Here are some tips to help you with finding your quests:

1. Finding the Troll

You should be able to find the troll by heading towards the North, and search for the Troll Room. You will notice some blood and wall scratches if you’re near it.

2. Finding the Round Room

If you’re already in the dam, you go North to the Lobby, and locate the Maintenance room (where you found the “Matches”).

From there, you find and get the “Wrench” and the “screwdriver” which later should be used to turn the bolt to open the dam. Now you’re going to Hades and to the Loud room.

Finally head West and you should find yourself in the Round room.

You could also visit this website for a full walk through of the game:

I hope this helps!

Image of the first steps of Zork from

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Vale: This sounds like an interesting game, is it entirely text-based?
  • Lloyd: It is indeed a very interesting game. It is entirely text-based :)
  • Vale: That’s interesting that it’s text-based but still popular! I would have thought people would want good graphics given the technology today :)
  • Lloyd: Yeah, we share the same thoughts! There must have been something unique about this game!
  • Vale: I guess I’ll have to try it to see :)

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