Cant remember the name of a game

i played a pc game where i went on a boat to an island then i was in a locked library and had to put some books back in a certain order to get into a secret passage where i had to rearrange some words something like brittania rules the waves but i cant remember the name of the game, can anyone help.pleaseeeeeeeeeee

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hi poppietez, welcome to the forum 😊

I'm asking around as well as surfing to see if I can find the name of the game you are referring to. Please come back checking in at a later time.

Meanwhile deadline was the first option I came up with, but reading the events it didn't add up..

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how about far cry?your on a boat then go to an island at the begining,hmm maybe nothin bout a library tho

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i kept getting this harry potter vibe...but could be just old junk in my been watching someone play harry potter games...-_- heaps of library's in there i guess lol.

I will look around and see if i can find out but i guess we will see.

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In one level, you're in a subway, trying to find a train. You begin with 2 guns and a combat knife. You end up on the top of the train, trying to shoot the 'baddy' boss. In another level, you have to work a control panel which operates a hatch in the floor. After this you have a time limit and you have to get to the hatch before it closes. I also remember you are in a cut-scene where your opponent tells you he is not coming after you, he is going after your partner Hawk". then you push him off the building and he dies. it was on pc

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I know that game its omikron the nomad soul ive done that level sorta hard.

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no it wasnt that. it was a game you buy for pc and the hatch level was a snow level. if you pressed 't' you get to say a cheat. in the subway you went pass a bathroom where you could smash the sinks and toilets up

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it was also in 1st person view. in the first level you had a machine gun, a pistol and a knife.

5 years ago #10

This sounds exactly like Penumbra, minus the guns and knife part.

1 month ago #11

i played a game 3-4 years ago and I cant remember its name you had a gun a 3 colors green blue and red I want to play the game again

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