Computer Games That Make You Think

Tired of all the action shoot ‘em up games? Looking for one that requires more brain than brawn? Don’t worry, for those of you with two left thumbs, here are some games that mostly require brain power rather than eye-hand coordination:

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1. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy - 1980

Platform: PC, Mac

Yes, this is a very old game. But wait until you know how few gamers have actually completed the game! This game is considered as one of the toughest game to beat. This game is text based, and really has a lot of puzzles!

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2. Europa Universalis III

Platform: PC, Mac

This game is a grand strategic video game developed by Paradox Development Studio. Players will control a whole nation and a bundle of complicated matters such as war, politics, diplomacy, trade, and even economic strategies! Since you can start at any date between 1453 and 1789, the game offers players more than 300 years of nation building.

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3. The Longest Journey

Platform: PC, Mac

This game won many awards for the graphics and gameplay. It is also noted for having some incredible challenging puzzles! The most infamous of the puzzles is the one that revolves around the rubber ducky... you may want to consult the internet for the answer to this complex, multi-step puzzle! The hero of this game is April Ryan, an art student who has the ability to pass between worlds.

Good luck and enjoy your game!

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  • Vale: I read about the rubber ducky puzzle...How did the developer come up with that one? I have played the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy game and got no where with it. What is the secret to getting that game started?
  • jade: I was hoping I’d find some games here that might replace the other less intelligent games my kids are playing but it seems all the games you’ve mentioned requires fluent English so they will have to wait a few more years until their English is good enough :(
  • Vale: They could always play something like Tetris :)
  • jade: Tetris was truly great1 I didn’t see it in the last 20 years.
  • Vale: Me either, but there have been some knock offs :)

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