Downhill Domination Tricks For The Play Station Edition

Trying to figure out how to trick in freestyle during a round of Downhill Domination? Be aware that the combinations are different depending on which edition you are playing - the PC version or the Play Station one.

Here are the combinations for the unique tricks in the PlayStation edition:

1. /\, R2 - Barney

2. /\ + L1 - No Hander

3. /\ + L2 - No footer

4. /\ + R1 - Heel Clicker

5. /\, L1+R1 - Bar Hop

6. /\,L1+L2 - Lookdown

7. /\,L1+R2 - Toboggan

8. /\,R1+R2 - Double Can-Can

9. /\,R1+L2 - Spread Eagle

10. /\,L2+R2 - Corcova

11. /\,L1+R1+R2 - Heart Attack

12. /\,L1+R1+L2 - Air walk

13. /\,L1+R2+R2 - Lazy Boy

14. /\,R1+L2+R2 - Whipped Cat Nac

15. /\,R1+L2+R2+L1 (Special Trick for individual rider)


Please let me know if you are playing the PC edition and I can give you the full list for the unique tricks.

Have Fun Playing!

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  • Vale: Could you add the PC versions of the tricks to this blog?

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