Grand Theft Auto ▬▬▬▬▬๑ Vice City Vs San Andreas...


San Andreas is set in the early 1990’s–a very important time in Los Angeles’ history. The story focuses on the famous LA riots and the related rampart scandal. This involved a corrupt police force known as C.R.A.S.H, terrorising Los Angeles. The rampart scandal was ignited by Officer Rafael Perez–perhaps the base of Officer Tenpenny’s character. It seems to the CJ that the bullets, blood and cheat codes are far more important than the story.

Vice City’s story is much more simple, short and meaningful. It deals with a character named Tommy Vercetti. Tommy has just got out of jail after a 15 year stretch and wants to get straight back to work for the mob. The Forelli’s based in Liberty City are wanting to expand their empire and are looking South. They see rival gangs getting rich off the drugs trade and plan to send Tommy down to Vice City with some money so he can get in on the action. Once he is set up nicely, Sonny Forelli will move in and take control.


Well you can guess SA is better in graphics and detailing. But I loved the way Tommy Vercetti looked. (And to make CJ look better u gotta work a lot. You needa go to the gym!!) Soundtracks of both consists of hard metal, hip-hop and tribal. You can add your own MP3 too!!


Well in SA the features are plenty. The entire city is to be ventured. Ranging from gym clubs to nightclubs. You can have a dive from a great height too. You can drive trains too. You have jetpack ride and have a scuba diving experience (I hated Vice City a lot when Tommy used to fall into the water and died instantly). The bike has good controls too. But I guess the Cheats are better in Vice City. (You can even smoke a cigarette!) The dialogues are more of slangs in SA but more hilarious in Vice City. Also you get to point guns at people and make them duck without firing in SA.


Are pretty developed and tricky in SA. I remember there was once a racing mission and my friend couldn’t complete it and he called me cuz he knew I was good at NFS! Yeah it was tuff but I completed as well as enjoyed it. But you enjoy the simple VC missions too!!

OVERALL I would like to say both games are worth playing and SA is a game you can play the whole day. Vice City is quite a meaningful game. So go for SA if you want good graphics and bloodshed and don’t care for the story.

Well I have seen many users say “SA is a heap of features but has no story or character” well its true. You really do feel like you are in a city or you are Tommy when you play Vice City. GTA should notice that a heap of features doesn’t make a good story.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Gail: Great review. I suppose not everyone is in it for the story, wondering a city can be fun to.
  • Razor: Yeah it depends on you. That’s what I’ve written in the last but one paragraph.
  • Xurton: I play san andreas AND Vice city :) nice review
  • Razor: Thnx :D

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