GTA Vice City Espresso 2 Go Mission Tips

Unfortunately, there are still not cheat codes for the mission in GTA - Vice City called “Espresso-2-Go!”

However, I can give you some tips instead:

1. Start-off from other Islands

It is best to start from ShoreSide Vale and Portland instead in Staunton Island. Doing so will lessen the chances of you running out of time from driving to all stalls.

2. Explore first before starting the mission

It is also recommended to explore all of the three islands first, and try to locate all the existing stalls. Destroying them will be much faster after you’ve memorize their locations.

3. Using Ray’s Bulletproof Patriot

I think this Patriot might be the best option when you start cruising around Portland. This area is swarming with Mafias, that will shoot players on sight.


The gangsters inside the stall will carry Micro Uzis and some shotguns. It is always best to be more careful in this part of the mission.

Failing a few times is also normal. This mission is considered as the toughest mission to complete in GTA - Vice City.

Have Fun Playing!

Image by homel001 via DeviantArt

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  • Vale: What makes this the hardest mission?
  • Lloyd: What makes this mission the hardest, is its almost-impossible goals. Players will have to destroy all heavily guarded "stalls" all around the map without dying, and within the time limit.
  • Vale: That does sound hard! What do you get if you successfully complete the mission?
  • Lloyd: You will get a $40,000 cash reward, and you will also unlock a mission called "S.A.M".
  • Vale: That’s a good reward :)

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