GTA Vice City Help With “Demolition Man” Mission

Unfortunately, there are still no cheat codes available to stop the ‘Mission Timer’ in GTA - Vice City. But, you can still complete this mission by reading these tips:

1. The mission timer will only begin when you pick up the first bomb.

2. Try to go directly to the building site with or without using the helicopter and kill the all guards/enemies (everything is much easier without enemies firing at you).

3. You can scout the site a few times before doing the timed run. Doing this will help you gain more ground on where to move from floor to floor.

4. The stairwell between levels 2 and 3 is open, you can easily use this passage to bypass the stairs between floor 3 and floor 4, making it faster to get around, which means saving you time to complete the mission.

5. I think it’s also best to start at the top and work your way down. Doing so will make things faster.

Note: This is one of the most challenging missions in the game, so failing a few times is expected. Just keep trying!

I hope this helps!

Enjoy Playing!

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  • Vale: What makes this mission more challenging than others?
  • Lloyd: Unlike other missions in GTA - Vice City, this one got a very low time-limit and is made even more difficult because of its location and the number of armed enemies. :)
  • Vale: I see, thanks! How many missions are there?
  • Lloyd: Well, there are quite a lot of missions to be done in GTA - Vice City. There are 75 missions all-in-all, including submissions and others. But you can already complete the story by completing 38 Story Missions.
  • Vale: I didn’t realize there were so many!
  • Lloyd: :)

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