GTA Vice City Money Cheats!!!

Finally there is a money cheat on SubGamers! First off, this not going to be a usual blog. Usually my blogs consists of reviews, lists, and more. This is so we can end all money cheat mania on SubGamers. ( I will upgrade this blog with more money cheats as I find them)

More Cheats:

By A User Named Razor:

First get a tank on a busy road (I hope u know the cheat for that). Start a vigilante mission by pressing Caps lock key. Complete the missions one by one. (Don’t worry ’bout the time). Complete as much as u can and u are the richest in Vice City.

By A User Named Jade:

Here is a password that will get you money, but I don’t know how much it gives. The password is: aimricherich (I put this into my own words to fit the blog)

By A User Named Joanne Ruth:

Basically, in games like GTA Vice City, you acquire more cash if you make use of your talent as a thief in the game. The best place to get more money is at the ATM location. You will be mugging customers after they’ve withdrawn money from the ATM. You can do this for new games or saved games. You can go back several times to the ATM as the game has been designed to re-spawn customers at the ATM locations.

By A User Named Lloyd:

You can acquire tons of cash by mugging customers after they’ve withdrawn money from the ATM. Doing this several times would easily give you thousands of cash as the game is designed to re-spawn customers at the ATM location.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Vale: Good idea for a blog! Pleas keep updating it with more cheats when you see them!
  • jocool47: Will do!
  • ops black: Good idea for a blog!
  • Pommy Rob: Going nuts with a tank and getting mucho Dinero?! Hell yeah! Just come back to vice city after 10 years forgotten how much fun it is!
  • jocool47: Thanks ops black!
    Pommy Rob, check out my other Vice City cheat blog! I think you would love it:
  • Pommy Rob: Thanks Jocool but im playing on PC, i completed Vice City(the main story anyway) without cheats years ago so now playing with cheats and trying to get all the sub missions jumps etc. Just finished GTA 4 and EFLC so going back to GTA 3, Vice city and san andreas(still not completed!) for fun but i remember the graphics being awsome at the time but now... well just shows how far gaming and graphics have come. Cant wait for GTA V to come out on PC in late Jan(supposedly)!
  • jocool47: I can’t wait either!

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