Having Problems Updating Metin 2?

Are you trying to download the update, but it won’t complete the installation?

This is a very common issue in downloading game patches/updates. Here are some reasons that may cause this kind problem:

1. Corrupted File/Application
The most common reason for this type of error a corruption/virus from your computer or application. It is best that you run a virus scan to make sure your computer is safe from such viruses.

2. Internet Connection Interruptions

It might be possible that your internet connection were interrupted, making the game patch/update download to stop.

Unlike other downloads, a simple internet interruption could cause a problem when downloading a game patch/update. Always make sure to keep your internet connection uninterrupted while downloading a game patch/update.

Try to restart your internet connection and then re-download the game update again.

3. Other Incomplete Metin2 Updates Are Already In You Computer.

Things like this could also cause some troublesome issues. Do you remember whether or not you downloaded other game patches/updates that were interrupted? If so, make sure to delete those unfinished patch/updates first, before downloading another one.


If the problem still persist when using these fixes, try typing the word “metin2″ in the “Search” bar located in the “Start menu”. A list of files will appear, then delete all of the Metin 2 game patches.

Please just notify me, if the same error persist after following these fixes.

I hope this helps!

Image by DoctorDesign via DeviantArt

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  • Vale: It seems like a lot of people have problems downloading updates and patches. Is there a reliable website where players can update the game?
  • Lloyd: Yes, there is. Players can download latest updates and patches of the game in this website: https://metin2.gamezunited.com/.
  • Vale: Thanks Lloyd!

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