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Empire Earth is the 2001 real-time strategy Windows game developed by Stainless Steel Studios. The game can be played in either single-player or multiplayer mode. In single-player mode, players can fight campaigns, some of which actually occurred in history.

In order to facilitate gameplay, there are different hot keys that a player can use. Here is the complete list of hot keys for Empire Earth:

View Keys
Key Action
Up arrow scroll up
Down arrow scroll down
Left arrow scroll left
Right arrow scroll right
Right bracket zoom in
Left bracket zoom out
Period follow unit
F2 toggle through perspective zoom modes
F5 toggle through 3 show hidden unites modes
F9 take a screenshot with UI (user interface)
Shift + F9 take a screenshot without UI
Ctrl + F9 take a low resolution screenshot of entire map
Alt + F9 take a high resolution screenshot of entire map
Space bar Move to location of last player event. Keep pressing to review the queue of recent events
Selection Keys
Key Action
Tab idle citizen
Comma idle military unit
A idle atomic bomber
B idle bomber
D idle fighter/bomber
F idle fighter
H select and center town center
Ctrl + 1-9 create group #
Shift + 1-9 add selection to group #
Alt + 1-9 select and center group #
1-9 select group #
1-9 (twice) select and center group #
Ctrl + A select and center archery range
Ctrl + B select and center barracks
Ctrl + C select and center siege factory
Ctrl + D select and center dock
Ctrl + F select and center tank factory
Ctrl + G select and center granary
Ctrl + I select and center missile base (campaigns only)
Ctrl + N select and center settlement
Ctrl + Q select and center airport
Ctrl + R select and center cyber factory
Ctrl + S select and center stable
Ctrl + V select and center naval yard
Ctrl + X select and center cyber lab
Ctrl + Y select and center temple
Game Commands
Key Action
Numpad + increase game speed
Numpad - decrease game speed
Esc cancels current input or action mode; exits cinematics in scenarios
Enter chat
F1 return to scenario editor (when in test mode)
F3 pause
F4 quick save
Shift + F4 quick load
Ctrl + F4 auto save load
F10 in-game options
F11 toggle display of game clock; speed and frame rate
Alt + F enter flare mode
page up display previous messages
Ctrl + Shift + Z all out “banzai” computer player attack - allied computer players will assist you (single player only)
Ctrl + Alt + Z all out “banzai” computer player attack - allied computer players will not assist you (single player only)
Unit Commands
Key Action
Shift show goal queue; add goal to queue (with other key)
B unit behaviors
G garrison; populate a building
L explore
M formations
P stop
D unload transport or fortress
Z patrol (land military units only)
Del kill first selected unit
Shift + Del kill all selected units
Alt + A aggressive
Alt + D defensive (stand ground)
Alt + G guard (guards a location)
Alt + S scout

People Hot Keys

Key Action
A build archery range or AA gun
B build barracks
C build siege factory
D build dock
E build house
F build tank factory
J build granary/farms
N build settlement
O build fortress
Q build airport
R build cyber factory
S build stable
T build tower
U build university
V build naval yard
W build wall
X build cyber lab
Y build temple
Z build hospital
C convert
A plague
C hurricane
E earthquake
F firestorm
R malaria
V volcano
Other Characters
Key Action
A anti-matter storm
R resonator
E teleport
T time warp
V nano-virus
C ion pulse
R repair
S diffraction shield
D self-destruct
C assimilate
D unload
Strategist Hero
C battle cry

Building Hot Keys

Key Action
I set rally point
Town Center/Capital (H)
C create citizen
E train strategist hero
R train warrior hero
B produce spotting balloon
D train canine scout
A research epoch advance
G research gold mining technologies
N research hunting/foraging technologies
S research iron mining technologies
T research stone mining technologies
U research wall and tower upgrades
W research wood cutting technologies
Archery Range (Ctrl - A)
Key Action
A train foot archers
C train chariot and cavalry archers
E train ranged spear throwers
F train elephant archer
X train crossbow man
Barracks (Ctrl - B)
Key Action
A train ranged shock (gun) units and sampson
B train grenade launcher and bazooka
C train medics
D train elite guard
E train pierce (spear) units and flame thrower
F train hand cannoneer and mortars
G train machine gunner
N train barbarian
R train sharp-shooters and snipers
S train melee shock (sword) units and stinger soldier
T train partisan
V train viking
W train rock thrower
Dock (Ctrl - D)
Key Action
B build battleships
C build cruisers (anti-air)
D build frigates
F build fishing boats
G build galley/galleons
T build transports
Stables (Ctrl - S)
Key Action
C train shock (melee) cavalry
E train pierce (spear) cavalry
F train war elephant
G train gun cavalry
S train Persian cavalry
Siege Factory (Ctrl - C)
Key Action
A build anti-tank (AT) guns
B build artillery
C build siege weapons
E build field cannon
G build siege cannon
R build rams
S build field weapons (pre-gunpowder)
T build siege towers
Naval Yard (Ctrl - V)
Key Action
C build aircraft carriers
G build sea kings (anti-sub)
S build attack submarines
T build nuclear-powered missile submarines
Tank Factory (Ctrl - F)
Key Action
F build mobile AA units
S build armor-piercing (AP) tanks
T build high-explosive (HE) tanks
Airport (Ctrl - Q)
Key Action
V set atomic bomber rally point
X set bomber / helicopter rally point
Z set fighter rally point
A build atomic bombers
B build bombers
C build anti-tank (AT) helicopters
E build gunship helicopters
F build fighter/bombers
G build sea kings (anti-sub)
R build transport helicopters
S build fighters
T build anti-tank (AT) airplanes
Aircraft Carrier (Ctrl - Q)
F build fighter/bombers
Cyber Factory (Ctrl - R)
Key Action
A build ares cybers
C build pandora cybers
R build hyperion cybers
T build minotaur cybers
Z build zeus cybers
Cyber Lab (Ctrl - X)
Key Action
A build Apollo cyber
D build Hades cyber
E build Poseidon cyber
F build Furies cyber
T build Tempest cyber
Temple (Ctrl - Y)
Key Action
E train priest
R train prophet
A research techs to increase temple ratings
B research techs to allow conversion of buildings
C research techs to allow conversion of priests
D research techs to increase prophet speed
F research techs to increase priest hit points
M research techs to increase priest recharge rate
N research techs to increase prophet range
P research techs to increase prophet hit points
S research techs to increase priest speed
T Research techs to increase priest range

Other Locations

Key Action
B research techs to increase building line of sight
F research techs to increase building hit points
R research techs to increase university range
S research techs to increase rate of repair at dock
T research techs to decrease cost of tributes
A research techs to increase citizen attack and hit points
C research techs to increase your pop cap
R research techs to increase hospital healing rate
S research techs to increase citizen speed
F research techs to increase farming rate
R replant farms
G make gate

Enjoy Your Game!

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