How To Become A Vampire In Elder Scrolls: Oblivon

There are several ways to become a vampire in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

1. Infection via Vicente Valtieri

You could simply talk to Vicente Valtieri of the Dark Brotherhood and ask to become a vampire.

He will instruct you to sleep anywhere in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. And you should wake up with Porphyric Hemophilia (the disease that eventually causes vampirism).


  • If you have already killed Vicente Valtieri, the chances of becoming a vampire would dramatically decrease (if you’ve already used a cure).
  • Vicente Valtieri has a unique ability to turn players faster even if they have already used a cure to vampirism.

2. Infection by sleeping outdoors (beyond civilization).

Alternatively, sleeping outdoors or sleeping in places beyond civilization can also cause the vampirism.

Bandit camps like the Fisherman’s Rock (located in the north of Leyawiin, occupied by Mogen’s Wind-Shifter’s bandits) are ideal places for contracting the disease.


  • This only occurs when you have slept at least one hour during the night.
  • Most bandit camps are located near the ruins, forts and caves.

I’m not sure if there is any other way, but I hope this helps.

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  • Vale: What are the advantages of becoming a vampire? Can you change back from being a vampire?
  • Lloyd: There are quite a lot of advantages in becoming a vampire. Vamparism will help characters to boost their "Skills" and "Attributes", and even granting them 4 very strong abilities, namely, the Hunter’s Sight, Vampires Seduction, Reign of Terror and the Embrace of Shadows.
    But you could still change back and become a normal human by using a cure to vamparism. This cure can be ultimately acquired after completing the longest quest in the game called the "Vampire Cure".
  • Vale: Sounds like it’s good to be a vampire :)
  • Lloyd: Indeed! But being a vampire also has some disadvantages though.
  • Vale: What are the disadvantages?

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