How To Install And Play Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault 4

You can follow this step-by-step guide to install and start playing Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault 4.

1. Download the game installer from a reliable website

You can try to download the game here:





2. Unpack the zipped/compressed files.

3. Read the installation notes (if there are any).

4. Run the game installer (.exe file) as administrator.

5. Open the game and see if everything is good.


If the game itself won’t run or has some graphic issues, try going to the game properties by right-clicking the game icon on your desktop > Select “Properties” > Go to the “Compatibility” tab > tick the box saying “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” > Choose Windows XP (or other Windows version) from the “Drop-down box” > Click “Apply” > and finally, try running the game again.

I hope this helps!

Have Fun Playing!

Image of the Medal of Honor logo from Wikimedia Commons, see page for author [Public domain]

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  • Vale: Is the installation the same for a MAC? Are those downloads verified copies or is there a chance of getting a virus from downloading it from one of those sites?
  • Lloyd: No, we would need to have a MAC compatible version of this game. Most of them are verified copies, except those copies that comes from the torrent sites. Yes, there is a chance of getting viruses from these sites, but I think it’s not big of an issue because we could always get rid of them. And besides, these games are for free :)
  • Vale: True :)

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