How To Play 7th Guest In Windows 7

Trying to play 7th Guest only to find that the game is not compatible with Windows 7?

Don’t worry, there is a way to play the 7th Guest game in Windows 7. You can either install it using DosBox or by following this guide:

  1. Download the game installer from a reliable source
  2. Check and make that all of your Drivers are updated
  3. Run the game installer (.exe) file as administrator
  4. After the installation, test run the game

If everything is fine, Enjoy Playing!

If the game won’t run, or leaves an error:

  1. Go to your “Desktop” > right-click on the “7th Guest icon”
  2. Select “Properties > and then go to the “Compatibility Tab”
  3. After that, tick the box saying “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”
  4. Then, access the “drop-down box” and choose “Windows XP” (or older windows)
  5. Click the “Apply/OK” button
  6. And, finally, run the game again


If the first guide doesn’t work, you might have to install it through DoxBox. You can visit this website for more details and guides:

You could also read this blogs for more tips about how to run the game with optimal graphics:

Enjoy Playing!

Image by janek2012 via DeviantArt

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  • Vale: What is DoxBox? I never heard of that site
  • Lloyd: It is an emulator software that simulates an IBM PC compatible computer which runs older operating systems. It is generally designed to run old applications/games.
  • Vale: How do you get Doxbox?
  • Lloyd: You can either search for other download sites, or, just by simply going to the official DosBox website to download.
  • Vale: Thanks!
  • Lloyd: No problem :)

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