How To Play A Game Using PAL And NTSC

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For frequent travelers, PAL and NTSC video standards often cause a problem wherein a person has to either purchase a new version of the game, or wait for some time until they get back to their home country to play the games again. Though quite a frustrating issue for game lovers, it has a simple solution that is explained below:

1. Download a copy of ADR Patcher

2. Now you have to find the ISO file on your system that you want to convert. For this, either browse or directly pin-point the location for the Software.

3. Go to the conversion settings and change them to “.PS2 PAL -> NTSC PATCH ROUTINE (NO Y POS).”

4. Click the option “Begin Search” and once you are asked on screen for “Patch” option, click on it.

5. Insert a DVD-R into your DVD ROM and burn it with the desired ISO.

This should allow you to run the game on an NTSC system (or PAL if you started with NTSC).

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  • Vale: What if you don’t have a DVD burner?
  • jade: I think you can easily download a DVD burner software.

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