Is Your Computer Game Running Slower Than Normal?


There are some reasons that may cause this type of problem.

1. Computer Virus Corruption

Viruses in your computer can also cripple and dramatically decrease its speed. They are usually contracted via internet browsing, file downloads and data transfers from other devices.


In most cases, your anti-virus/firewall would notify you that there’s a virus detected in your computer.

You could also identify this problem if you’ve already tried everything else and the problem still persist.


You can easily get rid of computer viruses by doing a complete computer scan (using your anti-virus), and directly deleting them after the scan.

You could also try to reformat your computer IF you think it would be best for your situation.

2. Low Video Card Memory

Most games like I.G.I 2 requires a sufficient video card/graphics card capacity to run properly.


The most common sign of this problem is when you’d only experience the slowing-down issue while playing or in-game.

This problem would even sometimes require your computer to automatically close-down the game.


Well, the best solution for this is to buy a new Graphic/Video Card with higher memory, or, a card that fits the requirements of the game.

You could try setting the game graphics or the video settings of the game to a lower resolution.

You could also try closing down any other unnecessary programs while playing the game if you don’t want to buy a new graphics/video card.

3. Outdated Computer Drivers

Sometimes, some users disregard computer updates, which could easily cause not just game problems but also general computer issues.

Almost all games, like I.G.I 2, requires updated drivers to run properly.


You can identify this type of problem if you’re already aware that you haven’t updated your computer drivers for a long time.

You can also identify this problem, by checking the “Notifications” and “Status” in your task bar.

Some devices might also not work properly if this problem is occurring


Windows User

You can either click the “Windows Update” icon located in your task bar and click the “Start Windows Update” button or:

- press the “Windows Key”

- Go to the “Control Panel”

- Click the “System and Security” text

- Find and click the “Windows Update” text

- Finally click on the “Check for Updates” button to start the update


You could setup your computer to automatically download and install Windows Updates.

Mac Users

- Go to the System Preferences from the Apple Menu

- Click “Software Update” from the View menu.

- Click the “Update Now” button.

- Select the items you want to install, then click Install.


After the update is complete, restarting your computer might necessary

4. System Requirements Problems

The game I.G.I 2 has some system requirements that needs to be followed to insure that it runs perfectly well.


The most common sign of this problem is that the game usually runs for a couple of minutes before automatically closing.

You would also notice a “Warning Message” or a pop-up message which says something like “Your system doesn’t meet the game’s minimum system requirement to run”.


Get or buy a computer/ parts that have these specs.

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

Pentium III or Athlon 700MHz Processor


32MB 3D Accelerated Video Card

DirectX-compatible Sound Card

8X CD-ROM Drive

1.9GB Hard Disk Space

DirectX 8.1

Recommended System Requirements:

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP or better

Pentium 4 or Athlon 1.2GHz Processor or better

512MB RAM or better

64MB 3D Accelerated Video Card or better

DirectX-compatible Sound Card or better

32X CD-ROM Drive

5. System Memory Overload

This type of problem usually occurs when you’re doing too many things all at once, or, your computer is doing something else that you aren’t noticing (scanning, updating, etc.).


You can identify this problem if you notice that your mouse pointer/cursor is running slow or hanging as you move your mouse in and out of the game.

You will notice a pop-up warning from your computer stating “Poor memory detected”, “Very computer low memory” or “Your computer is running idle” (messages like this depends on your computer’s OS).

Your computer’s response time will also become too slow when this problem occurs.


You can easily fix this by pressing “ctrl + alt + delete”, and go to the “Applications” tab (you should see the programs that are currently running). After, select the unwanted application/s that are currently running and click the “End Task” button.


You could also go to the “Processes” tab, to check for more processes that might cause the problem.

I hope this helps!


Image by dantetg via pixabay

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  • Vale: Doesn’t not having enough RAM cause a computer to slow down?
  • Lloyd: Yes, having not enough RAM could also cause a computer to slowdown.

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