Looking for an old 3D game! please read!

Hi I am looking for an old 3D game from around 1996~1999.
I have no information what-so-ever about it.
All I remember is that:
-You operate a FLYING CAR in the future where you fly around and see lots of other flying cars flying around also.
-In a CITY where the limits are the buildings that sorround you.
-There are very nice places like entering a yellow tunnel which leads to the "highway", and a light-green tunnel (looks like a maze).
-You get to have a shooting skill- rockets and regular machinegun. Both used for- no idea lol. I was a little kid when I played this, I just had fun with it. I do know that sometimes there's a marked car where you supposed to hit her, but I wasn't doing those missions, or whatever they were.

Please someone help! thank you so much!

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Dude why would you want to play that? that sounds retarded

6 years ago #3

This sounds alot like G-Police look at youtube and see if this is it 😎

5 years ago #4
Guilherme Gomes

I was CRAZY lookin for this! I think you are lookin for ZONE RAIDERS!

1 month ago #5


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