PS3 Won’t Play Flash Videos? Try This!

If your Play Station 3 won’t play flash, you could try these following fixes:

1. Turning on Javascript

Go to your browser, press the “Triangle Button” and go to “Tools”, and then check the “Javascript” to make sure it’s turned ON. Problems like this may occur when the Javascript is turned off.


If the first fix didn’t work, then your technician might have updated your FirmWare to patch 4.30, which may have added a new feature for “Plug-in prompts”. In this patch, a pop up message will appear asking “Do you want to run the plugin?”. The problem will start if you select “Do Not Display This Message Again” because doing will permanently disable all Adobe Flash plugins for your current XMB account.

2. Clearing/Deleting System Cookies

You could still try clearing out your system’s cookies. Sometimes changes have been recorded in your system’s cookies that can cause problems, like flash videos not playing. Go to your browser, then go to the “Tools” link. Select “cookies” and then, finally, click the “Clear/delete all cookies”.

3. New User and XMB Account

If the last two fixes didn’t work, then I’m afraid you might have to create a new user account on your PS3, as well as on the XMB.

This should fix the problem.


Image By Michel Ngilen (originally posted to Flickr as 250GB PS3), via Wikimedia Commons

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  • Vale: Could this work for a computer that won’t play flash files too?
  • Lloyd: Yes, but only the first fix is applicable for PCs.
  • Vale: Ok, thanks!

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