Setting 7th Guest Game To Optimal Graphics In Windows 7

Setting the 7th Guest game to optimal graphics in Windows 7 is quite challenging. But, I have a trick that MIGHT work for these kinds of issues (I have already tried using this method for some very old games!).

Follow these steps:

- Open -> Start Menu

- Go to the “Control Panel”

- Click the “Appearance and Personalize” option

- Click the “Display” option

- Go to the “Advanced Settings” (bottom-right part)

- Go to the “Troubleshoot” tab

- Click the “Change Settings” button

(A message should appear that will ask you to run it as an administrator, press OK, and the Display Adapter Troubleshooter should appear).

- Adjust the hardware acceleration settings as desired; you can move it all the way to the left if you want.

- Click the “OK/Apply” button.

- And now, finally, restart your computer.

Try running the game again and see if the fix worked.


There is still a possibility that this trick won’t work on The 7th Guest. The game is very old, so the outcome is unknown.

Another option is that you could try setting the compatibility mode of the game.

Let me know if it works!


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So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Vale: I recognize this game, but I don’t remember... What is it about?
  • Lloyd: The game tells a story about a drifter named Henry Stauf. He was murder, and is blamed for spreading a mysterious illness as well as for the disappearance of his 6 guest. The game itself is set in a haunted mansion, and is said to give players a terrifying experience through an interactive horrow puzzle game.
  • Vale: That’s right, I thought it had something to do with murder, thanks :)

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