Tips For An Error-free Download For A Metin 2 Patch

Do you keep receiving an error message while trying to download a patch for Metin 2?

There are some reasons that could cause this type of problem.

1. An error message during a download usually occurs when your internet connection gets interrupted while downloading a Metin 2 patch.

You can fix this by, either “deleting” the old patch that you’ve downloaded and then download another patch from a reliable source. Another solution would be to try using a different browser/application when downloading the game patch (some browsers/applications won’t allow you to complete a game patch).

2. Having an unreliable source of your game patch could also cause error messages to pop up while attempting a download. Many sources have broken files, which could cause headaches when trying to update the game.

You could fix this by either finding a reliable source to download the game patch or, you could also download a Metin 2 PatchUpdater to make your current and future patch updates faster and better.


If the problem still persist when using the 1st fix, try typing the word “metin2″ in the “Search” bar located in the

“Start menu” for Windows computers. A list should pop up and you can then delete all the hidden Metin 2 game patches.

I hope this helps!


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  • Vale: Do you need to install a patch or are there other ways to update/upgrade the game?
  • Lloyd: Yes, there are other ways to get the game update. A player could also download an Auto-Game updater.
  • Vale: Ok thanks!

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