Unlimited Money In GTA - Vice City

Unfortunately, there are still no available cheat code for unlimited money in GTA - Vice City (PS2). Money cheat codes are only available for newer versions of GTA like the San Andreas version.

But, you could always earn easy money in the game by following some tricks.

1. The Good Guy Trick

- Go to Northpoint Mall location

- Follow a police officer (police officers in that location is programmed to chase a thief)

- Attack the thief with your fists (the person who is being chased by the officer)

- Every punch you perform will give you $50.

Note: Using Brass Knuckles will lessen the money that you’re going to gain. And make sure not to hit the police officer. You can do this trick as many times as you can/want to do it.

2. The Parking Bus Trick

- Find a bus/coach

- Park it next to a bus stop (without getting out of the vehicle).

- Wait until pedestrians start going inside your bus/coach (every person is worth $5 when they enter the bus).

Note: You don’t have to take them anywhere and there’s no limit as to how many passengers the bus/coach can hold. You can even leave the game for a while and comeback with tons of cash.

I hope this helps.


Image from gta.wikia.com

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  • Vale: The bus trick seems pretty good, can anything go wrong while doing it?
  • Lloyd: Well, there are two bad instances that could occur while doing this trick. There is a small chance that you might be rammed by careless drivers and cops chasing down bad guys. And also the worse case scenario of you being caught in a crossfire between Cops, Gang Members, and Security Guards which will pretty much destroy your bus if you don’t move.
  • Vale: Oh wow, those are two extreme scenarios! I didn’t realize that could happen, thanks for the warning!
  • Lloyd: No problem! :)

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