WOLF TEAM By AERIA Games... One Of The Best Online Fast-paced 3D MMO FPS

Wolf Team is a fast-paced 3D MMO FPS that features the ability to transform between playing as a Human or a Werewolf. Humans have a large assortment of weapons at their disposal while wolves are both fast and strong.


Firstly u need to be in either Blue or Red team. Next u play with about 15 (max.) of ur teammates. U get the map of the place ur playing in. And of course u can chat on the go. I mean u can be the commander or advise ur teammates with a good plan.


In the death match mode ur team should have the max. no. of kills and min. no. of deaths.

In the Base Capture mode. U gotta capture maximum no. of bases before the clock shows 0.00.

U can check out the other modes too.. They are pretty well designed.


In one word pretty futuristic. U got everything starting from snipers to Hand Grenades. A pretty interesting fact is they celebrate most of the occasions like they had a “football” shaped grenade during the FIFA world cup.

But u need to shell out some bucks to get ‘Wolfcoins’ or ‘Aeria Points’ to get real good Inventory.

And don’t expect to pick up others weapons when they are dead. (Of course u can look up in their bags and find some real good grenades or Ammo.)

What about the WOLVES ?

Some players use their wolf powers all the time. Yes definitely they are said to be wolf masters. Just give a human a perfectly timed and aimed scratch and watch the bloodshed... :D pretty cool huh??

U can power up ur wolf and make it more deadly by adding tattoos and power packs.


1.) Download link. (What are u looking at? click and download now!!)

2.) Create a AERIA GAMES Id.

3.) FIRE>

Wolfteam is a perfect game to test your teamwork abilities, alertness and skillfulness. This really requires a lot of planning and action. Ready to face bloody and deadly wolves??

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Gail: What mode do you play in? It sounds to me that the base Capture mode would be more interesting.
  • Razor: Well I play in Death match mode...
    It differs from player to player :D

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